Thursday, 1 May 2014


The end of the 'Foundations in Arts Course' at Furniture Now! Lewes:

Sadly, due to lack and mis-management of funding this course had to be cancelled after only 6 sessions.
It has left a number of learners without the opportunity to gain further skills, meet with friends and to work on personal goals, e.g. time-management, staying focused and completing tasks...all of the above have been achieved during this course.

Some samples of 'surrealistic plates'....made with clay: 

Limited Editions!


In one of the last sessions of the 'Foundations in Art Course' I taught my students the simple, yet effective, technique of mono-printing. We used coloured papers and painted backgrounds to create some very individual and exciting designs...

All quiet!!!! - It's only 'Still Life' painting!

Working from (non-) life with acrylic paints:

By this stage my students had already been through a series of colour- mixing/matching/creating exercises, using mainly acrylic paints. They had also practiced drawing from 'still- life' set ups. 
So I wasn't surprised of the resulting high standard of paintings!

See for yourselves....

'Foundation in Arts' Course @ Furniture Now!

A new course ...and lots of new talent(s):

In January this year a new art course started at Furniture Now! Lewes, called 'Foundations in Art'.
The influx of new, talented students was overwhelming! It was proof to me that there is a massive need for people of all ages, backgrounds and circumstances to come to a safe and supportive place where
they can be creative, network, relax, grow and experiment. And besides creating great pieces of art I have observed learners supporting each other, finding solutions for long-standing problems/issues and making new friends.

In one of our sessions I got the learners to draw a portrait of Lucien Freud, collaboratively, using soft pencils and graphite sticks. The only 'problem' was that nobody knew what they were drawing at the beginning of the task! 

Here is the outcome....