Monday, 8 July 2013

Art Class @ Furniture Now Lewes (East Sussex)

On another cold Wednesday morning in February this year the art class I have been visualising and planning for a while became a reality:
Six students with different intentions, circumstances and (life-) experiences were ready to embark on a journey through a variety of artistic skills and experiments that would expand their minds, skills and opportunities as creative beings.
My aim was to create a safe and supportive place and group where art becomes a tool to discover hidden talents, memories, emotions in order to develop new ways of working/thinking, new directions/opportunities and a positive, balanced attitude towards oneself and others.
'Furniture Now' is a local award -winning low cost furniture charity and training organisation helping as many people as possible access learning, skills development and households goods ( The warehouse in Lewes is set amidst a hub of creative community businesses with a fully set up art & craft work area.
Throughout the 4 months' art course we worked with collages, watercolours, acrylics, charcoal, pastels, clay, paper mache, printmaking blocks and recycled materials.
One of our recent projects were the 'Re-designed Chairs' (see photos below) where we re-claimed odd chairs from the second hand furniture showroom and turned them into one -off custom made designer seats using only recycled materials.
Well, who doesn't want a 'Throne' at home? Or a sophisticated, stylish 'Storage Chair'? Or a quirky 'Garden Seat'? Or a silver 'Musical Chair, complete with headphones and CDs?
All these and heaps more fantastic artwork of high standard will be on show(and for sale!) during this year's Lewes District Artwave Festival ( in August.

                                The artists...

                                            ...and our glamorous Newbie.

                                                The 'Royal Hug' Chair.

                                                   The 'All - in - One' Chair.

                                            The 'Musical' Chair.

                                            The 'Electrical' Chair.

                                                The 'Gardening' Chair.

The following are images of a collaborative work of art which we named 'Radical Radiance'.
        We used ink and acrylic paint on paper. The idea was to communicate, move and let go.

And here are images of the variety of media and styles we practised throughout the course:

                                            Clay, before firing!

T and her paper mache 'Eye Bowl'.

                                            T's abstract self portrait.

S's paper silhouette portrait.

                               S's musical landscape painting.

                                             J's abstract self portrait.

S's dangerous 'Fish 'n Chips'.

                                         J's 'Chic-Ken'.
T's musical painting.

                                            Our display of paper mache works.

                                And in the beginning there was charcoal.....

                               The centre of the universe: A Mandala made from recycled materials.

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