Sunday, 12 May 2013

Murals, Kids & Trains

The last two years before I moved back to England I worked as a mural artist and art teacher for a Queensland Rail corporation. As part of a group of talented and skilled artists I worked with schools, train stations and 'The Shed' (a warehouse turned into a studio) to create murals on Brisbane's train stations as part of an anti-graffiti program.
The process was simple: Local school kids designed images and themes for their train station and painted them on weather-boards. Then us artists painted the backgrounds onto the station wall and pillars and finished everything off to a high standard.
It was (creative) chaos and hard work...sweating in full gear at 40 degrees in the sun, or freezing fingers off in the winter, not to mention a variety of remarks by passers-by! So the working days were never dull and the results can still be enjoyed today. Some projects won national awards!

   In 'The Shed'

   Norman Park Train Station

These large boards are displayed outside the station:

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  1. You have no idea what a difference the art at Norman Park station makes. Every day I go there I'm overawed by the talents of you and the other artists that did this. Thank you so much. Good to find some more information here on how it was done.