Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Earthly Art

This was an unusual workshop in an equally unusual setting...the bushy hinterland of Brisbane, Australia.
              I worked there as an artist and teacher for various organisations and community groups. This worshop was organised by one such group and aimed at local primary school children. The idea was to get the kids to explore the beautiful surrounding nature through the genre of Land Art or Earth Art.
     First of all, we explained how famous land artists like Andy Goldsworthy, Richard Long, Chris Drury and Richard Shilling work: They usually have a good look around the area they have chosen to work in, looking for fallen leaves, branches, bark, seeds, etc..   
As nature needs to be respected and preserved we stressed the fact that nothing should be broken off, cut or ripped from the earth or plants.   
We asked the children to look at the different colours and shapes, and encouraged them to feel textures and even have a sniff at the different 'materials'. Working in groups was highly encouraged; and as an extra challenge we also supplied some man made materials with the task to create a contrasting sculpture on-site!
....and not to forget to mention: The workshop site was left in exactly the way it was found!



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